Saturday, September 26, 2009

He's smiling!!!!!!!!

The 3 hour "naps" at night aren't so bad when I see our little Toby smile!!! He smiled for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was about 5 seconds after Les took Carter and Micah to church. It was like he was going, "Finally I can relax.....the fussy boy who is always making out with me is gone, and so is the girl who gags me with my passy." He didn't smile much after that until a couple of days ago. He is smiling more and I am LOVING it!!!!

AND, I just had to show you how cute this picture is of Carter. She found this hat and actually likes to wear it!!

Here are more pictures of Toby that I've taken over the past couple of days. There is one of him in his Ipood shirt on that looks just like a picture of Micah. I'll see if I can put both of them on here.

this is the picture that looks like a Micah picture, but I can't get his on here!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm never surprised......

I just wanted to show y'all some of what's been happening our the Strech house in the past couple of days. To start us off, Carter has been reading my bible..........melts my heart. Now, wait, she's not really READING it, she just spells the words and asks me what she just spelled. Hey, that's a good enough start for me!!! And guess what the first word was that she spelled.......... She said, "Mama, what does this spell.......... J -" oh yes, I love when God shows off. I knew exactly which word the Lord pointed out to her.........His precious Son's name. " - E - S - U - S". When she looked up at me, she was probably like, "good grief, mama, you're scaring me with that smile. What's the deal?"

Then today Carter and Micah discovered the baby cabinet. Micah thought he was so hilarious when he walked in sucking on a pacifier. If only he knew how ironic the whole situation was. When he was an infant, I tried every pacifier under the sun, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, he thought it was a better idea to go ahead and pierce everyone's eardrums by screaming instead of sucking on a pacifier. So, now, here I am looking at a 4 yr. old and a 2 yr. old sucking on old (but clean) pacifiers. Then they found the bottles...........and yes, I did humor them and fill them with milk.

And, finally, this is just one reason why I love my husband so much.........

he can pull these off. Love him!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Toby is 1 month!!!!

As of 2 days ago, our precious, newest, little bundle is already 1 month old!!!!!!! I can't even believe it! I think time goes faster with every baby. Mr. T is SUCH a sweet baby boy!! His favorite place to cuddle is right up in your neck (which I believe God made just for that purpose!). He'll just cuddle up in there, eyes open, and just hang out. I love it so much. He is getting bigger and his creases are getting deeper by the day. NOTHING like Micah's rolls.........I mean, we had to give Micah mid-day wipe downs. Whew!

This picture looks a lot like one of Micah's pictures. And look at those fingers!

Toby had his days and nights mixed up for a little while. He still is more awake in the evening than in the day, which doesn't surprise me since that is exactly what he did when I was pregnant with him. When he gets sleepy, we just wrap him up like a burrito, let him suck on his paci if he wants it, and just hold him. He just looks around, then he finally tries to fight sleep for a little bit, and he's out. That is until we lay him down in his pack and play. This child knows when he is NOT being held. :) Love him, love him, love him!!!!

Carter and Micah are adjusting very well. They are such good makes it very easy for me to take care of Toby. I don't feel like I have to entertain at the same time that I'm feeding him. Carter and Micah just take off upstairs (this is after Micah kisses and hugs Toby.......Carter just looks at him to see if his eyes are open). They play cars, run down the hallway and jump down the 2 stairs leading to our "cozy" room, or there have been times when I have found Micah dressed in bows and high heels. Oh my stars....... One night, I took all of Micah's bows out of his hair to take a bath. When he got out, he wanted to put them all back in. At that point, I told him "nope. We're done with bows for tonight. Plus, bows are for girls." He then starts crying and saying "I AM a girl, mama!!" aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddd, that's when Les walked in. Nice.

Carter caught in action....taking after what Sarah would do to Cicker

She was so proud!

I wonder if this is Tom James approved??
Bottom line...........we are LOVING our party of 5!!