Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nap time......

This is just one of so many reasons why I love little kids..........

Micah during his nap today

He is super cute when he is sleeping, but that's not what I wanted you to see. Did you notice the alligator he is sleeping with? He lays him down on his back in order for him to go to sleep. :) He usually has a line of sleeping cars and dinosaurs on his window. I love this boy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One reason I love my husband so much is because he sees the importance of date night with me AND our kids! He starts it when they are too little to remember, but you know what? Les remembers! So, it was Micah's turn the other night. Les took him to play ball at Lifetime, get something to eat, and go throw rocks of course. It's not true guy time if you don't hurl something for no apparent reason. Since Micah was born, we've prayed 4 specific words over him: Servant, Leader, Prayer, Warrior. Les talks to him about those words a lot. SO, when they were eating dinner, Les leaned over and said, "Micah, what 4 words are so important to Strech men?" Now, Les only has about 8 seconds with Micah before he tunes out and starts growling like a dinosaur or whipping his head around just for fun. Makes me dizzy watching him do it, but whatever. So, right after Les asked him that question, Micah leans forward, eyes big (like "oh dude, I've so got this answer"), and goes, "KISSING."


Les about fell out of his chair laughing at him!!! He was so serious! A total GUY!!!! What's important to Strech guys? kissing! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Here's a sweet one.....
We were putting them to bed and I asked Micah what he would ask God for........if he could ask him for anything in the world. (We had just read about King Soloman and how he asked for wisdom). Micah looked up and goes, "for Jesus to hug me".
Yes, sir. Me too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days

It still isn't real to me that Carter is in Kindergarten. What am I even talking about?! Isn't she still walking around toothless trying to say the word "pink", but all that comes out is "meese"? Isn't she still the little girl who when she was told to do jumping jacks, she squatted down and walked across the room with tiny steps as if she was sneaking up on someone? And of course we all clapped for her wonderful jumping jacks?? How is it that I am dropping her off at school at 8:00 and not picking her up until 4:00???? I have to say though.......she DOES love going to school. :) Her teacher, Ms. Paek (sounds like "peck"), is sent straight from the Lord. She might possibly be the happiest person on the face of this planet. So naturally, I love her! Every day when I see her after school, I squeeze her forever, and I know that one day she is gonna be waaaayyy to cool for that.....then it's like the game 20 questions. Except it's more like 57 questions. I just wish there was a way that I could be at her school all day long without her seeing me........just so I can watch her. Actually, that might be dangerous because if someone hurts her feelings, I'd probably unleash the fury.

So, I would like to erase the first day of Carter's kindergarten since almost everything went wrong. It was nothing like what I expected it to be like. First of all, everyone in the entire city was there to walk their children in. That meant unexpected traffic and LONG LINES. At that time I realized that I had forgotten all the papers that I stayed up until almost midnight signing and every camera that I own. I had to wake up Micah in order to leave on time which meant he was eating a bag of cereal in the car, I had crammed food down Toby's mouth, and I'm still not sure if I was completely dressed or not. By the time we got there I barely had time to say goodbye to her. Aw. Ful. I was bound and determined not to let that happen the second day, so sure enough, I set my alarm for 6:30 (I thought I was done setting alarms), got myself ready, woke Carter up, got her ready, boys got up, got everyone breakfast, and left the house EARLY!! A full 15 minutes earlier than the day before. So, when we got there, the doors weren't even open yet. There were about 8 other families there, and I was lovin' life! I decided that day would be counted as our first.......even though I did take pictures of Carter on her real first day.

She picked a Dora backpack for this year

our sweet little girl whose not really little anymore!

So, my mind has been on the fact that Carter is at school all day, and I was getting used to just hangin' with my boys at home! Loving it! Kind of quieter because Toby just says like 3 words, and there is NO ONE TELLING ON THE OTHER PERSON! Glory!!! Well, today was Micah's first day at his little preschool, and I'm not sure that I was totally prepared. Micah on the other hand forgot all about me as soon as he spotted a dinosaur counting book and another hippo book. Peace out mama! A lot of me was super sad that he was so fine with me leaving him there on this monumental day, but at the same time, I was thanking the Lord that he was so happy there and in good Hands. (and sweet teachers too). :) He is going to His Kids at Second Baptist, which is where Sarah works!!!! So, she got to pop in on him today! She said that he was in line with a "bubble in his mouth" know, what the teachers have the kids do to keep them quiet. When she told me that, I just kept picturing it over and over. I was teary because why is he so big??? I think because I never see him NOT attached to Carter or one of us. How could he be by himself with little friends that he just met today, obeying the teachers without me telling him to, and happy?? Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

when did he get to be 6 ft. tall??

in his classroom this morning

he found the hippo book that he was looking for

Micah and one of his teachers, Ms. Connie

look at that sweet face

Micah had a great day and is super excited to go back tomorrow. He is going 2 mornings a week. He would probably love to go more, but no way Jose. Mama ain't ready.

We've taken big steps here in our little Party of 5 these past 10 days. New chapters. Sometimes all I can do is stare at Les or any of our little ones and thank Jesus for letting me have these people for the breath that is our life.