Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're spoiled.......

One of the best things that has happened since we got back to Houston is that Les has NOT been working!!!!!!!! I know, that sounds kind of weird. "What about finances? Does Les get bored? Are you sick of each other?" Those are just some of the questions we've been asked. Answers to those: "The Lord has provided everything we need. Les is NOT bored! Hallelujah! He is focused on getting well. and HECK NO! I'm gonna be so sad when he has to go back to work." One thing has been a bit of a kick in the stomach when the kids constantly want "papa to take me to school AND pick me up" or "papa sit by me" or "I don't want to sit in your lap, I want to sit in Papa's lap" or "I want to stay with Papa". You know, I'd be ok with "I want PAPA to wipe my poo poos", but noooooooooo. I get the honor of that glorious job. It's been so fun having him here all the time!!! He fixes them eggs for breakfast, and they get to go on special errands with him. One of our favorite new sayings from Carter's mouth is, "I'm goin with Papa to the phlebotomist." Seriously? Didn't even know what that was. That's the 2nd time a young child had to teach me a vocab word. The first time was when Josh and Kelly's 2 yr. old little girl and I were playing "mama and Audrey". I was Audrey, the 2 yr. old and she was Mama. We were on our way to go "ride horses" and she said, "sshhhhhh! The horses are dormant." I figured that had something to do with sleeping since she shhhhhed me, and the spanish word for "to sleep" is dormir. Nice.

These are some pictures of us around the house......

they're doing his stretches with him

Also, I promised a picture of my little Lloyd Christmas......

.....and yes, he is in his "tongue tied taylor" outfit

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Micah turned 3!!!!

Oh's been a while. :) If you want to know what's been happening with our family for the past 3 months, just go to Basically, we went to Indiana for Christmas, and Les ended up in the hospital. For. 24. days. God showed off in some major ways, so if you really don't know what happened, please go to that website when you have some time.

Meanwhile...........Micah Luke turned 3 years old!!!!!! In my head, he's been 3 for a while now. He's big, tough, and seems like a 3 year old to me. I think that is the Lord softening the blow that he'll be going to college soon. I am pretty darn sure that the best investment we've made was a little something he got for his 3rd birthday. Tripp and Megan are the ones who introduced this little treat to us.........

his new bike!!!

This kid is lightning on this bike!! He starts going sooooooooo fast. I'm so afraid that his wheel is going to get out of control and he is just going to EAT IT.........hasn't happened yet......glory. It doesn't have any pedals, so he basically sits on the bike seat and runs. When he gets going fast, he'll pick up his little feet and glide. It's so great for balance!! Thank you, Tripp and Megan for educating us on these bikes! I don't know if I have a picture of him with his helmet on yet, but if I don't, I'll get one on here immediately. I just have 2 words for that upcoming picture...............Lloyd Christmas.

Here are some pictures of his birthday!

she has about 47 toys in that bag on the front of her bike

we took him to Chuck E Cheese that night

Debbie made him a Cars cake!!!! Even the tires are edible!! We know that because Micah had 3 of them.

He's a 3 year old little boy. He HAD to have these.

This has nothing to do with Micah's birthday, but I just wanted to share with you a slight laugh I had the other night......

Sarah, John and I had the privilege of hearing Les tell the story that scarred him for life. The story of the cat who gave birth in his car.......on his sweater.......his new sweater. Here is a picture of the best part of the story.

I could listen to that story every hilarious!