Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow day in Houston

I gotta tell you.......I didn't think it would happen. IT SNOWED HERE!!!! Don't worry that all of the schools closed and let out at noon because we had some flurries. Watch out!!! I guess it's just because Texans flip out when there's snow. We don't have the cool snow toys and machines that Indiana everyone go home and throw snowballs at each other. :) Here are some pictures of the kiddos that day.

He takes these guys everywhere he goes

Carter's not so sure anymore.....

Micah's still lovin' it!! Yeah, I didn't know his tongue was that long until I saw this picture....and to think that at one point in his life, he was tongue tied.

All of this chilly weather can only mean one thing...........A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE!!!! We never made a fire in our old house since it was 50 years old, and I was scared. Since no one has lived in this house on!!!!!!!

I know you're jealous of my one HEB log and the massive flames

Thanksgiving '09

Ok, so I figure that I should post about Thanksgiving before I start posting about Christmas. :) After much consideration, we decided to travel to Newnan, Georgia to visit family for Thanksgiving......and by travel, I mean drive. Yes, we did. What was that?? Did you say, "Wait, Emily, you said you would never do that again because it was so awful last time. Didn't Carter puke in the rental mini van last time?" Yes, and yes. BUT, this was a new year, and we planned a whole lot better this time. We already had a hotel reservation for the first night, so we weren't driving around Mississippi at 1:00 AM trying to find a hotel when they are BOOKED because it's Thanksgiving. Instead we stayed at a hotel/casino!!! Carter learned how to play Craps.......just kidding, I only picked that game because I think that's what it's called. Plus, I think that's a funny word for a game. The best part about driving there was Luke, Amie, and Logan were following us. We should've had walkie talkies. Instead we opted for texting which was still very humorous. Funny story about the hotel........
This room was huge! Probably because they could've filled it with more furniture, like a couch, but didn't. Anyway, the closet doors were sliding mirrors. Guess who didn't know this little piece of information? Micah. We wake up in the morning, I am getting dressed in the bathroom when all of a sudden I hear a CRASH, Micah is crying (with his "gween banket"), and Les is trying to comfort him while silently laughing. As most of you know, Micah likes to get a running start at anything. Apparently he looked in the mirror and thought the room was twice as big, so he decided to run across the room......or so the thought. He bolted as fast as he could.........and smashed right into the mirror!!! Les saw the whole thing. He said Micah hit it so hard that his arms went flying as he was stumbling backward. Oh yes, big red mark on the side of his forehead. He was fine once he saw Woobie (Luke) and Lolo (Logan). Laughed my rear off.
Back to Newnan.......we all got to stay with Tripp, Megan, and little Neely. Oh, I wish we all lived closer!!! Tripp and Megan both are gymnastics coaches! I swear, they could be olympians. Since we were there for the holiday, and their gym was closed, we got to go play there!!!!! I think the most popular place in the whole gym was the foam PIT!!!! I've always wanted to jump in one of those things. The boys had to get rowdy of course, so one guy would stand at the edge of the pit holding one of those huge exercise balls, while another came barreling at him at full speed. When they would collide, this is what would happen......

That's Luke on top and Logan on funny!

Needless to say, we had a blast with our Georgian family! Good fellowship, good food, great company......definitely worth the trip. We're looking forward to going back in 2 years!

Carter, Micah, and Neely

Amie and Toby

Grandma and Toby

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have a lot to write about, but I can only write about one thing right now. So, we put up our Christmas decorations about a month ago.........yes, I'll be THAT person who puts them up super early. I feel like it makes our home more sparkly, and that's my favorite! Anyway, since I am trying to drink more water since I'm nursing, I am having to use the potty more (I'll use kid terms). I usually wait unitl I'm about to pee in my pants before I go, then I run to the bathroom in our front hallway. SO, I'm sitting there on the potty, I look up and this is what I see staring at me..............

Just one word...........creepy.