Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Day!

I'm so thankful the Lord's mercies are new every morning!  Yesterday morning was almost enough to put me over the edge.  It all started on Wednesday night when Carter got a fever.   Let me just say that this chick doesn't mess around when it comes to her fevers.  We wanted to be close to her if she needed us, so we made a little pallet for her beside our bed.........on the side closest to the toilet.  Just in case.  Praise the Lord, she slept well that night.  Fast forward to the morning.  4:45 to be exact.  That's when Les' alarm goes off (because he is THAT disciplined to get up and work out every morning).  Take a wild guess who else wakes up then??  You got it.  Our little munchkin.  Les turns it off quickly, gets ready, and I am trying to go back to sleep but can't stop thinking whether or not Carter is awake or not.  All of a sudden, I hear Les whisper to her, "go back to sleep".  Well, there's my answer.  So he leaves, it's still black outside, so I'm hoping she will notice that too and go back to sleep.  I don't know how much longer it was before I heard her whispering something about the Wizard of Oz.  OH MY this really happening?  I think I was in and out until about 6:45 when she says, "Mama, is it 7:00 yet?"  She knows we stay in bed until 7:00.  I told her that it was most definitely NOT 7:00 yet, but she could come up in the bed with me if she wanted to.  She then proceeded to tell me, "Well, I don't want to get the sheets wet."  What??  She said her blankets were wet because her tinks leaked out of her pull up.  I didn't know whether to be annoyed because I have to do more laundry, or excited that her fever didn't make her too dehydrated.  Well, there goes my 15 minutes of extra rest.  I am up, throwing blankets around, trying to find where her pull up leaked.  I still don't have any idea where she thought the blanket was wet.  So, now we're up and ready to eat breakfast.  Carter says that she would like pancakes for breakfast, and that sounds so good to me.  I have to move the butter from the place on the stove where my skillet was going to go.  The knife was still in the butter package and as I was moving it from one counter to the other, the knife fell off (thank you Jesus that it didn't land on our feet), but the next thing I know, I am cleaning butter off the floor.
  Then I noticed that we left coffee in our coffee pot all night, so I poured it out in the sink and opened the little door that you pour the grinds (is that what you call ground up coffee beans?) in.  I took the liner with the ground up coffee beans out, went to throw it away, and also managed to spill those!!  AAHHH!!
  At that time, Carter was scooching a chair over to the counter to "help me" make the pancakes.  Finally, we start making the pancakes, I go over to spray the skillet with Pam when I heard her mumble something and then scream......I turned around  as she was scrambling off the chair and there on her chair was the king of all roaches!!!!!!!!  My sweet little Carter had just experienced a roach crawling on her foot!!!!  I felt sooooooooooo bad for her.  I hurried to get a shoe, and when I came back in the kitchen, Carter was still hysterical, and the roach was now on the floor crawling toward us.  Lord, help us!  That thing didn't even know what hit him.  I smashed that thing till it was pretty much just guts.  Then when it was nice and dead, I said to it, "Don't you ever crawl on my Carter again!!!"  If it were alive, it would've said, "lady, I won't even come in the same country as her." 
Is it finally time to put the pancakes on the skillet??  I sure hoped so because I was starving, and pregnancy hunger is violent.  I gave Carter her pancakes, and was making mine with blueberries in them.  Yum!  I soon found out that putting blueberries in there must make it harder to cook them because one of my pancakes WAS NOT DONE IN THE MIDDLE!!  I usually don't mind that, but that's gross when it comes to pancakes.  Needless to say, as soon as mine were ready to eat, Micah wakes up......
I go get Micah, get him some pancakes, finally eat my half done pancakes, and hope the day gets better than it has started..............
I thought too early.  I was putting some dishes away, and Micah had been messing around in his chair.  I turned around just to see him do Superman off of his chair onto the hard floor.  SERIOUSLY!!!  I look at the clock, and it was 7:45.........
Somebody, please hit me with a skillet.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

he let her wear his shoes on the way sweet

First off, let me just say Happy Father's Day to Peep (my dad), Buster (Les' dad), and my 1,000% outstanding husband, Les!!  I get so much joy watching Les with our kids.  Just to hear them scream "PAPA!!" anytime they hear the lock on the door is enough to melt my heart.  I feel so bad when I go to take the trash outside, or get something out of my car, come back inside to hear their little feet running while screaming "PAPA!".............nope, sorry, it's just me.  :)  It's such a gift to me that they love him so much.  I asked them both what their favorite thing about Papa was.  Carter said, "I love when he hugs me, but when he gives me kisses, sometimes he scruffs me."  Micah said, "I wike WRES!!"  translation......I like when he wrestles me.  Then I asked them what their favorite thing that Papa says to them was.  Carter said, "I love Carter and you are the beautiful."  I thought that was so sweet because I always hear him telling her how beautiful she is.  When I asked Micah, he goes, "BOOYA!"  I laugh at the ways Carter is such a girly girl, and Micah is SUCH a boy!  I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for such a wonderful earthly father for my children.

It's summer, and it's hot!  Bill Engvall (the blue collar comedy tour comedian) once said he can't believe it when he hears people from Texas say, "I don't ever remember it being this hot."  He says, "guess what.......Texas summers are hot and humid........WRITE IT DOWN!!"  I don't forget how hot is gets, but Carter has.  She doesn't enjoy being in the hot weather, unless of course we are swimming, which is pretty much all we've been doing.  Carter is such a little fish, and Micah loves the water too.  Micah has to wear his little swim vest in the pool, but Carter can stay afloat (under our watchful eye).  She looks so funny when she starts at the beginning of the diving board, starts running, and catapults herself off the diving board into the water.  Sometimes she wants to yell a word as she's jumping.  You know it's my daughter when she's jumping into the water yelling, "brownie!!"  

they are ready to go swimming!!

she went swimming with her ponies and didn't lose one!

why does he think he is smiling???  Such a Jack Sparrow face

Before we decided on our new house that we'll be moving into next month, we HAD to make sure the neighborhood had a pool of some sort..........yeah, all I'm gonna say is 3 water slides!!!!  I'm pumped!  It's so bittersweet, this whole moving thing because we won't be 5 minutes away from some of our close friends, and we're leaving our first home, but we are excited to be in a new home, make new memories in a new house, and we'll be moving closer to some friends out there!  I think we'll love being in Katy!  Carter and Micah loved helping us get our house ready to sell.  They helped sand door frames, and they helped Buster measure our rooms.  It will be interesting to see how they act when it really comes down to leaving this house.

Well, again, I want to say Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers, papas, daddies, dads, and poppies out there!!  

Les, I'm so excited for Toby to get here to know how great of a Papa you are!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House Warming Present

As I mentioned earlier, we just found out yesterday that we now have a new house to move into next month......thank You Lord!    Well, today I was headed out to see our friends who just had a brand new baby (ooooh, that made me so excited for Toby to get here), and they also just moved out there.  While we were visiting 5 minutes away from our new house, I decided to see if we could get in our new house to look around and start to picture where everything will go.  Les' dad, who we like to call Buster, got us in and the first place I know it, to the kitchen!  The kids were tearing through the house hiding in all of the closets.  So, we're having a grand time, we all go upstairs to see who will be sleeping where, the kids are leading the way.....about to go down the stairs.  Now, before I go any further, I have to say that while we were at the Dukes house (the house with the new bundle), the kids spent the entire time rolling Lightening McQueen and Luigi down the stairs.  They would run down, get them, run back up and do it again.  I was telling them how nice it was to not have to follow after them up and down every stair.  Soooooooo, back to our new house.  Carter is on the second stair when Micah apparently doesn't see the first stair.  He totally misses it, which makes him fall into Carter, and I start panicking and screaming.  I can see it coming.  Yes, it happened........both of my precious little babies start rolling down the what seemed to be like a mile long staircase AT THE SAME TIME!!   All I can do is run down the stairs behind them in my flip flops wondering if I should throw my pregnant self on top of them, try to jump over them without breaking my ankles and falling, or just run after them as they are tumbling.  They both stopped about 4 stairs from the bottom.  No one broke anything......just a few carpet burns.  We were all hysterical.  I couldn't let water works flow because that would've just made things worse.  I cannot stop thanking Jesus for protecting them when I couldn't get in front of them, and for giving my children angels to soften their falls.  It's these times when I ask myself, "Really Emily?  You're having your third baby?"   Thank You God for Your protection!!!

What a lovely house warming present.  Welcome to your new are some stairs your kids can hurl themselves down.  Lord, help me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I gave in......

Ok we go!!!  Emily is blogging!  I am probably doing this so wrong, (just like I have no idea why this it underlining itself) but hey, all I know is that my friend Bradi helped me get a cute background, and that's all that matters right now.  I usually send out a batch of pictures every month, but I can't really tell you all the stories that go with them, and boy, are there some stories!!  Our party of five is going through some major changes right now, so I figured now would be the perfect time to start blogging.  For starters, we just sold our house and found out today that we have a new house!!  Our third baby is coming in August, and we just cut off all of Micah's hair.  Too much change for a hormonal pregnant lady!  Not to mention, the digital tv thing happened, and now, somehow, we don't get channel 13.......which means I'm going to have to wait to watch the Bachelorette until tomorrow.   With prayer, I can get through all of it.
Back to Micah's hair........why didn't anyone tell me that when we cut all his hair off, he would turn 8 years old???  What is that about??  It's like someone took my baby away from me.  All I have to do to get that baby feeling back is give him his blankie, which he then rubs on his lips for some reason, and my world is better.

If that isn't enough, Carter has decided that she is big enough to take big girl showers instead of baths with her little brother.  Where are my babies going??  Don't worry......I'm still standing outside of the shower guiding her, scrubbing her hair, and trying not to fall in.

I love my party of five!  Thank you Jesus for my family!