Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

he let her wear his shoes on the way sweet

First off, let me just say Happy Father's Day to Peep (my dad), Buster (Les' dad), and my 1,000% outstanding husband, Les!!  I get so much joy watching Les with our kids.  Just to hear them scream "PAPA!!" anytime they hear the lock on the door is enough to melt my heart.  I feel so bad when I go to take the trash outside, or get something out of my car, come back inside to hear their little feet running while screaming "PAPA!".............nope, sorry, it's just me.  :)  It's such a gift to me that they love him so much.  I asked them both what their favorite thing about Papa was.  Carter said, "I love when he hugs me, but when he gives me kisses, sometimes he scruffs me."  Micah said, "I wike WRES!!"  translation......I like when he wrestles me.  Then I asked them what their favorite thing that Papa says to them was.  Carter said, "I love Carter and you are the beautiful."  I thought that was so sweet because I always hear him telling her how beautiful she is.  When I asked Micah, he goes, "BOOYA!"  I laugh at the ways Carter is such a girly girl, and Micah is SUCH a boy!  I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for such a wonderful earthly father for my children.

It's summer, and it's hot!  Bill Engvall (the blue collar comedy tour comedian) once said he can't believe it when he hears people from Texas say, "I don't ever remember it being this hot."  He says, "guess what.......Texas summers are hot and humid........WRITE IT DOWN!!"  I don't forget how hot is gets, but Carter has.  She doesn't enjoy being in the hot weather, unless of course we are swimming, which is pretty much all we've been doing.  Carter is such a little fish, and Micah loves the water too.  Micah has to wear his little swim vest in the pool, but Carter can stay afloat (under our watchful eye).  She looks so funny when she starts at the beginning of the diving board, starts running, and catapults herself off the diving board into the water.  Sometimes she wants to yell a word as she's jumping.  You know it's my daughter when she's jumping into the water yelling, "brownie!!"  

they are ready to go swimming!!

she went swimming with her ponies and didn't lose one!

why does he think he is smiling???  Such a Jack Sparrow face

Before we decided on our new house that we'll be moving into next month, we HAD to make sure the neighborhood had a pool of some sort..........yeah, all I'm gonna say is 3 water slides!!!!  I'm pumped!  It's so bittersweet, this whole moving thing because we won't be 5 minutes away from some of our close friends, and we're leaving our first home, but we are excited to be in a new home, make new memories in a new house, and we'll be moving closer to some friends out there!  I think we'll love being in Katy!  Carter and Micah loved helping us get our house ready to sell.  They helped sand door frames, and they helped Buster measure our rooms.  It will be interesting to see how they act when it really comes down to leaving this house.

Well, again, I want to say Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers, papas, daddies, dads, and poppies out there!!  

Les, I'm so excited for Toby to get here to know how great of a Papa you are!!!


  1. Thank you for all the pictures! I LOVE THEM ALL! Where are you????

  2. I AM SO SO HAPPY YOU ARE MOVING. Have I said that yet?? :)

  3. The pictures are incredible. The relaying of favorite things Papa says totally made me cry. I am so thankful that you and Les are such a great team and such a testament to God's faithfulness and goodness. Just love you guys.