Wednesday, August 5, 2009

36 Week Check Up

All in all, we had a great visit!  I had such mixed emotions going in.....we get to see Toby on the ultrasound (yipee), I have to get more blood work done (thankful she is checking up on me, but getting poked with a needle is never fun), I get to see Dr. McCloskey and start talking delivery (yay)!!  Let's go through step by step.........
~ First of all, I ended up taking the kids with me because we left them 2 nights in a row, and I didn't want to do that again.  Saturday night, Les took me to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Hobby Center for my birthday!!!!!!!  I was so giddy!  I love going there to see anything (mostly Lord of the Dance).  Then Sunday night, we had a kind of last minute dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Hatton who are 2 of the Godly-est people ever.  I was so blessed by them.  We dropped off the kids at Melissa's house who happened to be having their dinner 8 there that night.  Thank you Jarret and Melissa!!!  Getting back to the point, I didn't want to leave them again and hear my little buddy ask, "Mama, where you goin'?"  Breaks my heart.  (INSERT........Friday night I left them to go see The Proposal with Tiff.  Funniest. Movie. EVER.  I thought we were going to get kicked out of the theater because I was embarrassing both of us.  That's another story.)
So, I brought both of them with me.  Les met us there, in the parking garage, and that was completely the sweet Lord's plan.  Here's why...........................  We are all walking into the hospital, and for some reason the automatic door doesn't detect us.  Les carefully opens the doors, and the kids run to the next one.  The next set of doors didn't detect them either, so Carter, playing monkey see monkey do, tries to open the door herself.  THEN, we walk up and, of course, the door detects us, and opens right up on top of her TOES!!!!!  She falls back, opens her mouth, and I'm pretty sure Megan Bell, who is in New Zealand, heard her.  I felt so bad for her, but then I also thought "oh my goodness, the drama" until I saw the blood.  Then I felt really bad.  Ended up just being a few cuts on her toes, but I know that had to hurt like a mother.  That's how our fun-filled appointment started.  Then as we were still walking to the office, I realized that I forgot to bring the portable DVD player and a movie for them to watch.  Oh joy.  Thankfully, they had some cars with them to keep them company.  

The ultrasound is first.  Yipee!!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited to see our little Toby.  We told Carter that morning that she would get to see him on a tv, and she said "What if they tell us it's a girl?!  I will scream because I will be so excited!"  Oh my poor baby girl.  She's so alone.  2 seconds on the monitor and the lady says, "I'm sorry honey, it's still very much a Toby."  So, I'm laying there on the bed, horizontal, and all I can think about it how much this hurts, and please just show me the spine because at least I know what THAT looks like!  We saw a big, round circle and I just praised Jesus because I figured he probably has a cone head at this point.  Then, I had to laugh at this question that came from the lovely ultrasound tech,  "So, how much did your other 2 weigh?"  You know what, nice lady, just tell me that I'm carrying someone the size of Goliath and get it over with.  She guessed that he weighs around 6lb. 14oz. already and he's got 4 weeks left, people.  Who's going with me to step class the minute Sarah gets back into Houston next week??   The best news though is that he looks great!!!  Squished, but great!

Next is the blood test.  If any of you don't know this, for some reason, my doctor discovered in my 3rd trimester with this little guy that my platelet levels are lower than average.  She's not too concerned, but wants to keep an eye on them.  I love this doctor.  Love her.  What that means is, if your platelet levels get too low (below 50,000) your blood doesn't want to clot itself.  Any of you that have given birth knows that there's gonna be some blood when that baby comes out.  Thankfully my levels have been at 125,000-130,000.  I don't have the results back yet from yesterday, but I'm praying that they are higher.  Please pray for high levels for me, and please pray that my thoughts don't run away to the dark side.  I need truth in my thought closet!!  By the way, this lady that takes my blood is magical.  I seriously hardly feel the needle, and I am known for freaking out when it comes to inserting needles into my body.  All mental.  I'm convinced.  

I finally get to see the sweet, tiny, little Dr. McCloskey who I love!  She delivered Micah at 2 in the morning when she was NOT on call.  So sweet!  She basically said that everything was starting, not to do anything too active until 37 weeks (which is on Monday), and that things look good!  I'm taking it easy this week, but next week, it's on like Donkey Kong.  I'm assuming he won't come until 39 or 40 weeks anyway, but I'm gonna try!  All the Strech kids are going to be here next week and I would LOVE it if they were here for that.  Can you imagine?!   It's not like I get to see Lauren, Lindsey, and Luke everyday since they live in the northwest.  I'm so excited!!  

This was supposed to be a short little post, but as always, something usually happens that is worth writing about.  Here is a picture of my 9 month pregnant belly.......

this was taken in the house across the street......we were exploring

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  1. You are THE cutest pregnant lady EVER!!! I love that my belly was that size at like 6 months pregnant!!! You are beautiful!!! And I am praying, praying PRAYING that God decides Toby's birthday is while we are home from Idaho!!! How awesome!!!!! Okay...I love your blog!!!