Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One reason I love my husband so much is because he sees the importance of date night with me AND our kids! He starts it when they are too little to remember, but you know what? Les remembers! So, it was Micah's turn the other night. Les took him to play ball at Lifetime, get something to eat, and go throw rocks of course. It's not true guy time if you don't hurl something for no apparent reason. Since Micah was born, we've prayed 4 specific words over him: Servant, Leader, Prayer, Warrior. Les talks to him about those words a lot. SO, when they were eating dinner, Les leaned over and said, "Micah, what 4 words are so important to Strech men?" Now, Les only has about 8 seconds with Micah before he tunes out and starts growling like a dinosaur or whipping his head around just for fun. Makes me dizzy watching him do it, but whatever. So, right after Les asked him that question, Micah leans forward, eyes big (like "oh dude, I've so got this answer"), and goes, "KISSING."


Les about fell out of his chair laughing at him!!! He was so serious! A total GUY!!!! What's important to Strech guys? kissing! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Here's a sweet one.....
We were putting them to bed and I asked Micah what he would ask God for........if he could ask him for anything in the world. (We had just read about King Soloman and how he asked for wisdom). Micah looked up and goes, "for Jesus to hug me".
Yes, sir. Me too.

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