Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monkey Around

Oh my stars!!! At Micah's school today, all the classes had a "Noah's Ark" parade. A couple funny things about that statement are that 1 ~ pretty sure they had all of the kids dress up as animals so they could avoid the monsters, superheroes, bratz, and sicky costumes. 2 ~ when I say "parade" I mean that the classes marched around the desk in the church lobby twice. It was so stinkin' cute! Micah went as a monkey, and his favorite part of his costume was the squishy belly! We saw lots of lions, bunnies, dinosaurs, and other monkeys, but I have to say that one of my favorite costumes (besides my monkey) was a little boy who was a parrot. All that needs to be said is.............RAINBOW FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!! He was made up with rainbow boas, and even had rainbow feather anklets!!!! That has my name written all over it!

So, today is halloween, and our pastor had a fantastic idea of what to do to be outside without celebrating the day (if you didn't want to). He called in "Light Night"! Leave all your lights on, go outside, pass out candy, and meet your neighbors!!! So, that's exactly what we did! Les hauled our grill to the driveway, he grilled lots of hot dogs, I made brownies, and Carter and Micah passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We had a ball! We knew some of the people that stopped by, so it was fun visiting with them. I'm glad we got to meet some new people too! I wasn't sure that people would eat our maybe they would think we were trying to poison them or something, but they did!!! It gave us some time to talk to them a little bit, introduce ourselves, and let them know we have a bible study at our house every week. I think this might be a new family tradition!

Carter loving her hot dog!

They loved passing out the candy

Toby was NOT too sure about the goopy insides!

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