Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving Day!!!

It's official!!!  We are in our new house!  Are we settled?  Not even a little bit.  I have told some of you this already, but this is how I feel.......I've got a full refrigerator and pantry, my washer and dryer work, and I have toilet paper in the bathrooms........I am golden!!!  Everything else can happen when it happens.  I'm not rushing anything.  Partly because I loathe being in a rush, and partly because I don't want to go into labor just yet.  
Carter and Micah have adjusted surprisingly well to the new house, and I give all the glory to the Lord.  It is only through Him that they are handling this so well.  However, Micah did have one freak out moment.  It was July 18th, moving day, and I had brought them over to the new house to take naps.  Carter didn't take one (no surprise there), but Micah was out like a light after I laid down with him for a little bit.  When he woke up, he was crying, kind of swaying, and just couldn't get any words out.  I kept asking him what was wrong, and he kept saying "nothing".  He just couldn't put it into words.  I felt so bad for him.  I gave him extra hugs, and the Lord gave me extra patience for him that day.  Since then, he hasn't had any problems.  Carter and Micah play ALL DAY LONG here!  Don't they know that those are the same toys that we had in our other house?  Maybe they look different here.  Grampy and Hershey did get them some new "Cars Movie" cars and Tinkerbell card games.  They have been a hit.  Another huge hit...........our neighborhood pool!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have got to take some pictures and put them on here.  It's like their own little waterpark!  
We absolutely love it out here!  We feel God's peace (which we've prayed for in all of the places we have lived) every time we drive up to the house.  By the way, Les has no idea that I'm typing this blog right now and he just said, "I love our house."  Actually he said it in a much funnier way, but he'd be so embarrassed if I told y'all the goofball way he said it.  
We've met lots of young families in our neighborhood, and have started praying for the neighbors and houses that will one day surround us.  Right now, there isn't anyone on either side of us or across the street from us.  That's right.........we can actually feel the wind out here!!!  LOVE IT!!  

this is what they did while we were moving......watching movies

this is where Micah and Carter took their first naps in their rooms

Carter helping me get my kitchen in order......still in her pjs  :)

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