Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surprise Indiana Trip!!!

What a fun weekend!!!!! So short, but so sweet! It all started a couple of months ago when my dad had a big weekend of singing with his chorus and quartet. Before it all started that weekend, he was relaxing by their pool when he heard something that made him think that my mom flew us in to surprise him for his big weekend. Oh my stars, so sad! He was walking around the house going, "You can come out now....." Meem (my mom) felt sooooooooooo sorry for him. SO, she asked if she could fly Toby and me home for a very short weekend. Uh, do I love cookie dough?? Of course she can!!! Sarah would've come too if she didn't have to work. So, Toby and I got to surprise my dad, AND Matt and Natalie!!.......and we had a weekend date! (with each other, that is......I already have a hottie husband). He did great on the plane, but he was probably so full of milk because I kept nursing him. :) On the way up, when he was the least bit fussy, and on the way down. Hey, he was happy and so were the people on the plane. When I got off the plane, I strapped him to me in the bjorn (facing out so he could check it all out). Turns out, I got surprised!! My mom got to come to the gate because my aunt JULIE was with her!! She works for the airport and has connections. :) I loved seeing her. You know those people who make you cry you're laughing so hard? Yeah, that's her.
So, we get to their house around 11:15, and my dad had fallen asleep. My mom woke him up, talked to him for a few minutes, and then we walked in the room. His chin fell to the ground!! I knew he was thinking, "is this a dream? Where am I?" It was so great! He even said, "what possessed you to come up here?" EXCUSE ME?? I'm blame that on being half asleep.
Matt and Natalie's surprise was hilarious!! That Friday was Natalie's first day back to work. She only works one day a week, and my parents watch the kiddos. SO, when Natalie got home from work that day, guess who was wrapped in Annaleece's pink blanket?? TOBY!! I was in the other room with Annaleece when I heard Natalie come in, say hi to Eli and Meem and then I heard, "WAIT!!' She was about 2 seconds from panic mode. I rushed in with Annaleece, everybody screamed, scared the tar out of both babies, then we were all hugging. (and I probably stared leaking milk) :) 5 minutes later, it happened again when Matt got home. Only this time, from the other room with my new niece, I heard, "Who is that? It's Toby!" Matt totally new him from his pictures!!!
The rest of the weekend was just fun hang time, sitting by the fire, getting to hang with Cicker, my grandparents came over to see their new great grandson, and making s'mores over the gas stove. Gotta love that! I also got to squeeze in a tiny bit of time with 2 of my best friends from home. It was such a great little energy boost for me. I'm so thankful that Les was all for staying home with the kids all weekend and letting me go up there. Thanks Papa!!
Here are some pics of the weekend........

Micah and Annaleece

She's checking him out.. "Look at that! Someone else that lays on the floor."

My grandma, mom, me and Toby

One of my best friends, Stefany!

Natalie, Annaleece, my dad, and Toby chillin' by the that!

my handsome nephew, Eli!

this is the blanket we wrapped Toby in to shock Matt and Natalie

This is Nikki's (a best friend from home) little girl, baby Emilie!! She looks like a little sumo wrestler. ;)

This is what happens when I let Toby sit on Grampy's lap for dinner....noodles on his head.

What's wrong with a little steak at 3 months old??

So, that about wraps up our short, but fun-filled weekend in Indiana. Meem, thank you so much for flying us up to see everyone!!! I am so excited to go back for Christmas!!

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  1. That was so fun! Seriously! I was smiling the whole time. I loved how y'all did the baby swap. So hilarious!