Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carter's Birthday!

Ok people..........5 is a big one for me!!!! 5 means school everyday ALL day!! Let's just be honest, I'm panicking. What am I going to do without her everyday? It's so hard because I want to sit and cry every time we talk about her going to school, but at the same time, I don't want her to think SHE needs to cry about it. How am I supposed to handle this?? Her 5th birthday was so fun! I think she had about 4 parties. One at school, one with Grampy and Hershey, one with the five of us, and one with her friends. This girl loooooooooooves getting pampered on her birthday, that's for sure. "Micah, I'm first because I'm the birthday girl." That got old pretty quick. :) Les was like, "ooookay, we've got to steer this another way."

at her school

look at Toby checking that cupcake out

these are 2 of her classmates that came to her I'm sure all of you have heard of. Tyler.

AND...............summer is here!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the first day that we didn't have anywhere to go, we just stayed in the house and didn't get out of our pjs until 5:00 that night!!! That was so great! We've been swimming as much as we can. I think our neighborhood pools opens up for good this weekend, but we've been going to the pool at Lifetime. I'm so thankful my kids love to swim. Even Toby seems to like it already. :) It's so funny/sad when babies accidentally put their face in the water because they don't see the difference between air and water. Thankfully, I've always been holding him when he's done that! He just sucks his breath in, licks his lips, and goes on splashin!

Toby is crawling now, which means he doesn't cry when I sit him down and walk to another part of the room!!!! Now, he just follows me. :) His personality is really starting to take shape. I just usually find myself smiling and laughing at him. He is pretty funny, and he LOVES to make us react to him......probably because he has a dramatic mama and he thinks I'm a toy. Love this boy!!

Micah is into alligators and dinosaurs!!!! I'll hear him walk around the house going, "I'm a Spinosauras!!!" or "I'm a Triceratops!!" or of course a t-rex. His wrestling techniques are getting more advanced. He used to just run from another room, full blast I might add, straight into you. (you'd better be watching, or you'll lose some teeth.....or get whiplash). He now adds a flying karate kick in mid air. Les informed me of that a couple of nights ago. Love it!

Stay tuned for some cute summer pics!!

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