Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He Is Risen!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!!! We had an absolute beautiful Easter weekend! Beautiful weather, friends in town, family over, peeing in pants, baby spit up.........oh wait! Those last two just kind of go with everything. :) Ok, the story on that is that we were sooooooooo excited to send Micah and Toby to church in semi-matching Easter outfits. They are two little hunks. One with a big bootie, and one with big eyes. I did get a couple of cute pictures before we headed off to church.

But before we even walked out the door, Micah already had BLUE toothpaste on his little sweater vest. I have NEVER seen him get it on his clothes before. His face?? Yes, all over it. His clothes? Nope............not 'till Easter Sunday. Of course. So, ok, I caught it mid-teeth brushing, so I got most of it out. We take them to church, take them to their classes, I take Toby up to the "mommy room" to feed him, and he surprised me and ate super fast. I was so excited because that meant I might get to sit and listen to Pastor Gregg preach!!! I had prepared myself to be sitting in the "mommy room" listening to burping, pooping, and mommy stories. Speaking of burping, I guess I didn't pass the Toby burping test that morning. I took him to his class all spiffy......he only had to stay there for about 30 minutes until I would come to get him. SO, by the time we went to get our children, Toby had some cowboy onsie on because he had spit up "all over his shirt", and Micah had some cool jeans on and some different undies on because he had forgotten to "point it down". He definitely scored cool points on the jeans. The undies?? Thank you for them, but who are we kidding here? First of all they were probably a size 47, and to top that off, THEY WERE WHITY TIGHTIES!!!!! I think it scarred me more than him. :) So, there went the day of matching boys. Oh well, let's have an Easter egg hunt!!

This is a little side story or two...........
We were in the grocery line the other day and some lady behind us was talking to Carter about Easter coming up. She goes, "Is the Easter bunny coming to your house this weekend?" and Carter laughs and says, "Noooo." I waited to hear if Carter was going to continue, but she didn't. Rewind about 5 months ago, we were at our good friend, Tiffany's, house. Tiff asked Carter if Santa was coming to her house, and Carter once again laughs and says, "Nooooo." Tiff looks at me and back at Carter and goes, "What? Why?" aaaaaand Carter definitely whips out with, "He's dead!!!" Oh my reindeer and elves!!!!!!! When we talk to them about Christmas, we make sure they know the most important thing about it is Jesus' birthday. Then we tell them about St. Nicholas, and how he was a real man who loved Jesus, and gave presents to children for Christmas. Now he is in heaven with Jesus. Awesome..........she's gonna be the one who makes her friends cry. Not only is Santa not real........he's DEAD! :)

Back to this weekend......we went home and Les' family came over for some yummy grub that Grammie and Amie were already cooking when we got there! Angels! We had some laughs, played Guesstures, had an egg hunt, more food, birthday cake for Leah, and called it a night. It was so fun!!! Some of the eggs were filled with gum, which we don't let Carter and Micah have yet. So, Les ate pretty much every piece...........at one time!

this is the field next to our house which I'm sure won't be here in a couple of years

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!

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